RC Designer Skin Whirlwind

RC Designer Skin Whirlwind

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  • –  Provides a new bronzing option in the $60 price range

  • –  This multi-tasking lotion is perfect for tanners on the go!

    Product Type

  • –  DHA, Cosmetic and Natural Bronzers

  • –  9X First Class Bronzer

  • –  Destination Color Complex + High Flyer Blend

  • –  Fragrance: Tahiti Plum


  • –  9X First Class Bronzing Blend features DHA and Caramel to achieve luxurious dark color development

  • –  Destination Color Complex features a blend of melanin boosting natural extracts that help to build color for darker, radiant results

  • –  High-Flyer Blend multi-tasks by working to rid away skin impurities for a fresh vibrant look, while hydrating for a younger, seamless looking appearance

  • –  Formulated to combat against ATO

    Additional Information

Not tested on animals